rochie de 1000 de euro


rochie de 1000 de euro

asta e rochia verisoarei mele


for you dance


good I decided to write in English because I’m from Romania about the band for you dance I’m in it yet officially appeard nam net but see if you like our dance will post a special blog and if you like or do not let comment please

A Feast for the Eyes: Food Photography for Bloggers, Part Two

destul de draguta asta ochelari si peruca apropo eu vorbesc si scriu in romana

The Daily Post

In part one of Food Photography for Bloggers, some of’s most popular food bloggers shared their advice on lighting, angles, and shot selection. Today, they get into the nitty-gritty of food styling and props to help you create photos that are  beautifully exposed and tell an inviting story.

Welcome back our fantastic panel of foodies:

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